Friday, May 20, 2011

Final Project

I couldn't make it to class today but I wanted to quickly voice an opinion about the final project.

We talked about the issue of whole class v. small groups and I encourage the latter because I think people will be able to be more enthused about a project they get to choose to participate in rather than on something the whole class is doing that they may not be as passionate about. As for each of us having so many cool individual backgrounds that could really make a group project cool, that is still applicable in small groups and perhaps there can be some crossover between the groups as well.

My opinion on advising the library about their research tutorial? I don't know about you but I don't know how much I have to personally contribute to that project. I feel more like we'd just be reiterating research methods that Dr. Burton has been teaching us rather than creatively coming up with new stuff for the library. I feel the main flaw in the research tutorials is the interface and how difficult it is to maneuver as well as a few information flaws but I couldn't tell you how to fix that because I am neither a design expert nor very savvy with researching using the library system.

I would really like to do a project that would incorporate what we've already been doing: our novels. This is why I think doing something that teaches would be most beneficial. I'd hate to try to double task something like the library project along with my own personal project involving the novel or try to somehow force my novel to fit into a project where it doesn't really belong.

Just my two cents. I don't know if you'll have a chance to read it before you discuss this, but that's what I have been thinking. Sorry I couldn't be there to express it in person. Have a good class!

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  1. Hey Bri, I found something inresting that you might like and I wanted to start colaborating with my fellow classmates. One of the first comics was Huck Finn. You should check it out. Here is the link:
    Their is not much on it but it is a start.