Monday, May 16, 2011

Researching Huck Finn

Today I went to OER's site to find out more about Huck Finn. After narrowing my search to the humanities and searching the terms "Huckleberry Finn," I found a plethora of resources for exploration. First I found two courses taught at MIT with their syllabi and course information (Course 1 | Course 2). This is valuable information because it is so recent and gives me some idea of where to head with my own research. One of the courses had links to other resources that might be helpful including this awesome site from the University of Virgina that places Mark Twain in his context. I also stumbled upon the site for the Mark Twain museum which I didn't even think of including on my site till now! I've created a "list" with my diigo account to start accumulating these resources so I can delve into them at more depth when I'm ready and add them to my site as I do.


  1. One idea I have is to contact the administrators at the museum after I've got my site off the ground to see if they can help my endeavor.

  2. You are off to a great start. I'm so glad that you explored open educational resources and starting pooling these. What if you now started to assemble a list of people who are currently very interested in researching Huck Finn?

  3. I would but to be honest Dr. Burton, I'm wondering if that's a waste of time with the direction the class is taking? Would it be a valuable use of my time if I never get to take the project anywhere because we're focusing our main energy as a class on an entire class project? And doing both a large class project and something like following my ideas in this regard would divide my attention and drive me a little crazy I think.