Friday, June 3, 2011

Academic Inquiry leads to Social Inquiry

Remember how an academic article in the Chronicle for Higher Ed led me to their blog? Well I was scrolling through the comments on one of their blog posts and found an interesting comment with a link to this person's fascinating blog. I wanted to see if he had written anything more about the Huck Finn censorship issue discussed in the article, but his blog didn't have a way to search past entries and his comment was from three months ago. So I clicked over to his information and sent him the following email:

Granite Sentry,

I followed an interesting comment you made here to your even more interesting blog. I couldn't find a blog history and wondered if you had written any posts of your own on the Huck Finn censorship issue. I am a English student and for a current assignment I am trying to find online discussions of literary issues, like the one posed in the article from the Chronicle. Thanks for your help! 

Bri Zabriskie

I'll let ya know if I hear anything back. :)

----- update at 2:45 pm 03 Jun 2011 ------

His response:

Hi, BZ. Thanks for your interest, but I haven't touched on the Huck Finn thing so far. Fascinating topic though. Good luck!

Ah well! Better luck in other social endeavors!

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