Monday, June 6, 2011

Today's Class

Hey there fellow students,

I am sorry to miss class today; I realize we're all really depending on each other in the final stages of our project. I don't know how to write an excuse note sufficient to explain the reasons for my absence today but they can be summed up by one word: pregnancy. Any more detail than that would be too personal, and I'm not looking for a pity-me party.

I am hoping, as I've missed a few other classes today and won't have time to listen to a recording of the class, that one of you will be willing to take notes for me today. Is anyone willing to help me out? I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Bri! I'm sorry you don't feel very well. My sister just had her baby a couple weeks ago, so I understand that being pregnant is not comfortable! You probably already got this from the email Dr Burton sent out but today we are editing each others' final draft. I am supposed to peer review yours, but you haven't posted a final draft yet, so I am going to wait 5 or so minutes to see if you respond to this and then I'll review your first draft post. If you want, respond and tell me to wait and I'll review your final draft. You can just email me whenever you have it ready either tonight or tomorrow and I can read it. Otherwise, I'll just go ahead with your first draft.
    Also, who you are review is posted in the instructions on the googledoc he sent out. Pretty self explanatory. We are only about half way through class, so if any other important info is given out I will let you know about it.
    Hope you are okay!

  2. hey carlie. can you hold up? I'll send my draft to you in just a bit. that ok?

  3. I started your first draft, but I'd love to read over the final one if you want me to!

  4. oh if you have time, you're welcome to, but it's no biggie. I got GREAT feedback for editing. thank you!