Thursday, June 2, 2011

Processing Huck Finn Research

I thought I'd share my process of gathering all my research in and trying to formulate it into an outline with you all. Here is my google doc in process. We'll have to see if this embed feature works. If not, check out the external link to my document here.


bleh. Please ignore that embeded doc and just to to the actual document. It is UGLY.


  1. The embedded doc is cool because as you change it, those changes show up on this post. You just have to tweek the dimensions in the html to get it the right size.

  2. I'll have to play with the HTML (meaning ask my techie husband for another computer lesson) when I get home. Off to an evening class. Thanks for pointing that out about the changes though. They take a while to show up so i wasn't sure it was working that way, but you're right!

  3. Your ideas look great, Bri! I think that what you're doing is really important. I'm excited to see what you come up with!